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Attract Money by Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be a big problem when you're trying to attract money into your life, simply because they conflict with the new, better circumstances you are trying to create. This creates blockages by sending conflicting intentions to the universe. For example, if you believe that money can only come to you in certain ways, like through your job, you will block money coming from other possible sources even if you really wish you could receive money in other ways.

To attract money from other sources, you need to start believing that it's possible - even PROBABLE - that money can come to you in other ways. But just "believing" in this new concept isn't as easy as it sounds, right? How can you just start believing in something that you really DON'T believe in? One of the best ways I've found to release limiting beliefs and create empowering new beliefs is with this two step process below:

1) First, start questioning and discrediting the old belief. You can start by asking yourself, "Is it true that money can only come to me through my job?" When you start thinking about it, you'll realize that you've received money from many other sources too. You've probably received cash gifts for your birthday or holidays. You may have received a rebate from a product you bought. You may even have found money on the ground a few times, or received an unexpected refund check in the mail. When you think about these things, focus on the fact that your limiting belief is not TRUE.

2) Next, start affirming a new belief. Using the same example, a good belief to overwrite the old limiting belief would be, "Money can come to me from endless sources." Start saying this affirmation over and over as many times as you can each day, and as you speak the words, really try to FEEL the truth of it. You can imagine all of the different ways that money can come to you, or just focus on it in a general sense - but focus on really believing that you can receive money in many, many ways!

As simple as this process may seem, it's very effective because there's a lot of power in repetition. In fact, your existing beliefs are strong simply because you've kept reinforcing them over and over for years. Use that same power of repetition to rewrite them into new, empowering, abundance-friendly beliefs.

We've focused on just one example of a limiting belief here, but there are hundreds of others you might have too. Make a list of everything you believe to be true about money, abundance, your income, bills and expenses, and so on. Then examine each of them carefully. Are they really true? Do you want them to be true?

If any of those statements reveal themselves to be limiting beliefs, use the process I've shared here and start rewriting them into more positive beliefs. Over time, you can create a major consciousness shift and attract money and all forms of abundance effortlessly.


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