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Attracting Money Requires Self-Discipline

Attracting money with the Law of Attraction is incredibly simple - but it's definitely not EASY. If you've tried to attract more money into your life, you probably know what I mean when I say it's "simple but not easy."

The key steps when using the Law of Attraction are pretty simple:

- Focus on what you want (rather than what you don't want).
- Believe that you can have it.
- Let go and allow it to manifest.
- Take action on inspired ideas.

No problem; piece of cake, right? Wrong!

Most of us are simply not disciplined enough to glide through the manifestation process without hitting some bumps along the way.

What kind of bumps?

- Errant thoughts.

One major stumbling block that you may encounter is scattered thoughts. You know you need to focus on what you WANT (like having an abundance of money), but it's difficult to stop focusing on all kinds of other stuff - like frustration over expenses, fears about your income, anxiety, stress or shame about debt, and so on. As hard as you try, sometimes it seems impossible to stop focusing on the negatives and start focusing on the positives.

Self-discipline is vital, especially when you first get started. You have to be strong enough and determined enough to say, "I choose to stay focused on abundance, not scarcity. I choose to allow more money into my life. I choose to turn my attention away from the negative stuff so I can manifest more of the positive stuff."

And you have to be persistent enough to keep re-aligning your thoughts like this over and over and over . . . sometimes hundreds of times a day. Eventually, a new habit of thought will be formed so it becomes much more natural to focus on the positive aspects of your finances, and of course once the tangible results start showing up it will get easier too.

- Limiting beliefs.

You also have to be disciplined enough to stop listening to those old limiting beliefs that have been rattling around in your head for years. The beliefs that say, "I have to work a lot harder to receive a bigger income; If I allow more money I'll just waste it all; It's impossible to build up a decent savings account; I'll never get ahead no matter what I do . . ."

These old beliefs form the framework of your OLD financial situation, but they do not have to be part of your NEW financial situation. As challenging as it may be, you need to be disciplined enough to start forming some NEW beliefs, like these: "The universe can show me plenty of EASY ways to allow more money; I manage my money responsibly; I can easily build up a cushy savings account; more and more money flows to me every day . . ."

Beliefs are formed and strengthened by REPETITION, so it's important to be very disciplined about reciting your new beliefs multiple times a day until you start to truly believe them.

- Fear, doubt, disbelief.

Self-discipline is also required when the money you are trying to attract isn't showing up as quickly as you want it to. Many people think that their money-attracting exercises aren't working and give up. What's really happening is that you probably have some fear, doubt, or disbelief that is blocking it.

You have to be very persistent in CHOOSING TO BELIEVE that the money is coming and stay the course. As you stay consistent with your focus, you start to feel a shift happening from within and you start coming into alignment with greater sums of money. That's when fear, doubt, and disbelief fade away and blockages dissolve. If you give up at the first sign of a delay, you'll never reach the goal.

Now, if you worry that you don't have great self-discipline, don't worry, it can be developed! Just keep working at it day by day, reminding yourself of how strong you really are when you set your mind to something. You may still slip up from time to time, and that's okay. Just get right back on the horse and try again. Your self-discipline will grow stronger and your progress will soon start to pick up the pace.

Attracting Money Requires Self-Discipline

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