Attract Abundance and Prosperity - Manifesting Prosperity Easily

Attracting Prosperity is Easy!

Do you believe that attracting money and abundance is difficult? Most of us have at some point - and some of us still do! Why is this such a bad thing? Because the Law of Attraction is guided by your beliefs! If you believe something will be hard, the universe just goes along with you and makes it hard.

I spent the first part of my adult life believing that I had to work hard to make money. When I worked hard, I usually had plenty of money coming in. When I stopped working so hard, however, the money would slow down too - or even stop altogether. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that such a mind-set created havoc in my life.

When I finally began turning that belief around and telling myself that money comes to me easily, guess what? It did! It was smaller amounts at first, and only sporadically. I'd receive an unexpected $10 or $20 now and then - but it was enough to convince me that I was on to something.

The more I worked on changing my beliefs, the amount of money and the frequency at which it entered my life began to increase. Eventually I created a little "game" that I would play with myself where I visualized great prosperity flowing into my life - and it would happen almost immediately!

My life has changed so much since those days! Sometimes I'm still awed by the difference - and truly grateful for the insights that have led me to this point.

The good news is that YOU can use these same techniques to attract prosperity into your own life - EASILY. Here's how to do it:

1) First, examine your existing beliefs about money and prosperity.  Most often our beliefs are buried below the surface of our conscious awareness and we can be limited for years without knowing it. However, if you begin asking yourself some open-ended questions and recording your answers, you'll be surprised at what you discover! Try questions like these:

- Is it really possible to attract prosperity easily?

- Why or why not?

- Right now I'm struggling with limiting beliefs about . . .

- I would describe my relationship with money as . . .

- I don't believe it's possible to . . .

- I wish I could believe it was possible to . . .

Don't hold back on your answers. Just write down the first thing that comes into your mind.

2) Once you've got a better idea about your existing beliefs, it's time to challenge the limiting ones!  Do you believe that it's difficult to attract more money? Do you doubt your ability to do so? Whatever fears, doubts and limiting beliefs you have, begin working on turning them around to include more possibilities. You can do this by:

- Consistently affirming that money comes to you easily, that you have the inner power to use the Law of Attraction effectively, and so on. It may take time to truly believe it, but in the meantime keep affirming that you DO believe it.

- Do what you can to get the ball rolling. Rather than allowing limited possibilities to hold you back, get moving and create more for yourself! You want to create as many "gateways" for prosperity as you can. Apply for a better job, buy a lottery ticket, enter contests and sweepstakes, or even start a business in your spare time. If you receive an opportunity to improve your life financially, go for it! The universe sometimes places "inspired actions" in your path and your job is to act on them when it feels right to do so. Not only can these opportunities create a gateway for prosperity now, they may also lead to even better opportunities later!

3) Remember that changing your beliefs is a PROCESS.  Your existing beliefs are strong because they've been reinforced and strengthened over and over again - some of them for YEARS. In order to change them you'll need to be patient and persistent. Simply keep reinforcing your new, prosperous beliefs and eventually you will override the old beliefs. Take your time and have fun with it! It will make the journey that much more rewarding.


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