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How to Clear Abundance Blockages

Do you ever suspect that you are blocking abundance? Like no matter what you do, you can't get it to just FLOW?

It happens a lot - especially to people who haven't yet studied and practiced abundance attraction techniques for long.

Most often when you "block abundance," it simply means you've got some counterproductive thought habits and beliefs that are holding it back.

How to turn this around?

One simple way is by choosing carefully the things you say to yourself on a regular basis. Most people have no idea how powerful their self-talk really is!

If you constantly tell yourself that you don't have enough money, that you're broke, that things always go wrong for you - guess what will happen in your life?

Our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies, plain and simple.

The other day while I was running errands I passed a car that displayed a frightening vanity license plate. It read, "IM BROKE". I actually cringed when I saw it. Why would a person put such a dire label on themselves?

It's possible that the driver of this car was just being flippant and isn't really broke. But if she didn't really believe it on some level, why would she express it at all?

I'm willing to bet that this woman constantly finds herself in the midst of financial difficulties. Even if she isn't always "broke," she probably has trouble moving beyond a certain stage of abundance. If she does manage to get ahead, circumstances shift and unexpected expenses arise so that she is thrust right back to where she was before.

She may only be joking about being "broke," but lurking beneath the jokes is always a grain of truth . . . or perhaps I should call it a "grain of belief".

The things we say to ourselves regularly are the things we really believe. And those beliefs are what form our physical reality.

How often have you said derogatory or negative things about yourself in a joking manner? It's important to understand that you wouldn't even joke about them if you didn't believe they were true on some level - and that underlying belief is what will prevent you from creating anything better in your life.

If you want to turn this trend around and attract greater prosperity into your life, begin guarding your thoughts and words carefully. Speak only those things that you actually WANT to come true. You can even joke about them if you want to!

Instead of joking about how awful your life is, how broke you are, how unlucky you are, and so on - turn it around and joke about how great you are, how wonderful your life is, how blessed you are, and how miracles follow you wherever you go.

Go ahead, laugh it up and plant those prosperity seeds in your life.

As for me, I'm going to buy a new vanity license plate for my car. I'm thinking along the lines of, "IM BLESSED" or "IM HAPPY" or even, "AN AWESOME DYNAMIC POWERFUL CREATOR IN MY OWN RIGHT." That last one might be too long . . . unless I buy a stretch Hummer. ;-)

What about you? What would you like your vanity plate to read? Choose your message carefully, display it proudly, and then watch in awe as it comes flowing into your life.

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