Attract Abundance and Prosperity - Manifesting Prosperity Easily

Demand Your Rightful Abundance!

Have you ever had the perception that you must wait for some power greater than yourself to deliver your prosperity?

I labored under this illusion for years! I used to beg and pray for money, for a better life, for greater ease and freedom. Then I'd wait. And wait, and wait some more! And it didn't show up. The more I perpetuated the belief that my financial wellness rested in someone else's hands, the worse my financial situation got.

Have you done the same thing? Are you still waiting and hoping for greater abundance? Don't ask for it; DEMAND IT!

Remember that the Law of Attraction is activated by your own thoughts, expectations, beliefs and feelings. If you believe that you have to wait for someone else to grant your abundance, you'll probably be waiting for a long time.

If you instead embrace your own power as a dynamic creator, you can call forth the prosperity you desire right NOW.

Here's how to do it:

1) Believe in your own power.

Rather than holding the perception that you have to "ask" the universe for more money, begin shifting your focus to include the knowledge that you can CHOOSE to have more money. The universe does not judge you or ponder whether you're worthy of having more money or not - it simply gives you what you expect to receive! What have you been expecting lately? Financial lack, struggle and frustration? If that's what's been happening in your life in recent weeks and months, that's what you've been expecting.

Instead, acknowledge and embrace your own power to CHOOSE your experiences. DEMAND greater prosperity and abundance NOW! Tell the universe that you're not going to settle for less anymore, and you choose financial abundance! It may take time to fully believe in your own power, but keep working at it daily.

2) Know you deserve to have what you want.

If you have any feelings of guilt or uneasiness about demanding more abundance, you probably don't really believe you deserve it. Begin building your self-worth every day, convincing yourself over and over that you DO deserve to live a happy, abundant life!

3) Know that abundance is already yours!

Remember, you're no longer waiting for some power "out there" to deliver your abundance. You've CHOSEN what you want, and it is already on the way to you. Let yourself be filled with feelings of joy, confidence and absolute faith that your desires are being formed right now. If any doubt or uncertainty tries to creep into your mind, set it firmly aside and assert your confidence and conviction that you KNOW your abundance is manifesting NOW.

Understand that "demanding" abundance and prosperity is NOT about being greedy, selfish or unappreciative! It doesn't mean you can't be grateful for the blessings you already have. In fact, gratitude is one sure way to attract your abundance even more quickly! Be grateful, be joyful, be appreciative - but also know that you deserve more than you've been willing to accept in the past.


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