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Emotions and Prosperity

When working with the Law of Attraction to increase your financial abundance, you may become keenly aware of the ways your emotions are tied in with money.

Emotion has the power to drastically benefit your ability to attract more money, but it also has the power to effectively block your ability to do so.  Remember that your emotions are what determine the power or focus of the vibrations you emit to the universe.  If you focus your emotions in the right way, you will boost your ability to attract more money, but if you hold powerful emotions on the wrong end of the spectrum, it will block the abundance you wish to attract.

To understand how this works, we have to look at two main considerations when it comes to money and emotions:

- Emotional states that resist or block abundance. 

These states are: fear, desperate need, anger, powerlessness or uncertainty.  If you desire more money but worry about your ability to handle it, you will resist it.  If you desperately need more money because of a severe state of lack, your very dependence upon it will push it away.  Believing that money will solve all of your problems is also a sure way to block it because you are placing an excessive amount of importance on money, when it’s not about the money at all.  Granted, money can make your life easier, but if your life is a mess besides not having enough money, it will still be a mess when you do have more money!

- Emotional states that attract abundance. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum are emotions that actually call forth greater abundance into your life.  They are:  optimism, gratitude, joy, passion, appreciation and hopefulness.  The first order of business in attracting more money is to first become grateful for what you already have.  Learn to appreciate the good things in your life, even if not everything is perfect.  When something good happens to you, take a few moments to reflect on it and be grateful for it.  At the same time, learn to embrace an optimistic view of the future.  Expect good things, and you will begin to attract them.  Expect plenty of opportunities to grow and develop as a person, opportunities to advance your career, and opportunities to attract more money.

As you shift your focus to lighter emotions like this, you begin to change the signal you send out to the universe.  When you combine this signal with focused action steps, you will notice a definite improvement in the tangible abundance you experience in your daily life.

It’s important to note that it may take time to see results, especially if you’ve been focusing more on those negative emotions for any length of time.  The tricky part is being able to focus on the positive emotions even if your circumstances aren’t the way you wish them to be . . . yet!  That “yet” is important, because you have to be willing to believe that things WILL change, even if they haven’t already.  However, keep at it and watch how your life transforms before your eyes.


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