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Open Gateways for Prosperity

When you find yourself feeling stuck, struggling financially, and yearning for greater prosperity and abundance in your life, there is a great symbolic gesture you can do to turn things around.

You know that old saying, “When God closes a door, He opens a window”? Religious implications aside, this concept can serve as a powerful symbol in your quest for greater prosperity – and YOU can be the one to open the windows and doors!

“Opening the windows and doors” means creating a gateway through which material wealth and opportunities can arrive. Let’s take a look at the ways you can use this symbolic gesture to attract more of what you want.

Let’s say you want to get a job that pays more and is more fulfilling than your current job. If you did nothing but think about wanting a better job, what are the chances you’d get one? Probably close to none.

On the other hand, if you browse the classified advertisements in your local newspaper, talk to people you know about possible job opportunities, visit some local businesses you feel attracted to – what are the odds that you’d end up finding a better job? Now we’re getting somewhere!

Those actions you took created gateways in your life through which a better job can come. You “opened the windows and doors” in your reality, and now opportunities have an unobstructed pathway into your life.

You can do this for any other objective too, not just greater prosperity. If you’d like to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, find new friends, create better health and vitality, discover your passion or anything else - think about the end result you’d like to have, and then consider actions that would “open the windows and doors” to let it in.

Here’s a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

• Introduce yourself to someone new.
• Volunteer your time to charitable causes.
• Start a part-time home business.
• Join a health club.
• Take classes in interesting topics.
• Write in a journal for self-discovery.
• Read books that expand your mind.
• Learn a new skill.
• Do something that you would ordinarily shy away from.
• Buy a lottery ticket.
• Take an art class.
• Ask for a promotion or pay raise.
• Make an investment.

The possibilities are endless, depending on what you want to attract. The actions themselves can be anything you feel inspired to do – but they should be somewhat targeted to the results you want to create.

You can also use this concept in a more general way by holding a private ceremony in which you set an intention, ask the universe for assistance, and then literally open a window or door in your home. Affirm that you are creating a gateway for goodness to flow into your life, and feel confident that it will.

Then stay on the lookout for opportunities in your daily life, and be sure to take advantage of them when they appear.


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