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Having Trouble Feeling Abundant? Try This.

I received an email from one of my Prosperity Tips & Affirmations subscribers recently, and she wanted to know why she has so much trouble feeling abundant. She visualizes, she uses affirmations, she has a vision board filled with beautiful pictures of the lifestyle she wishes to have.

But when she uses all of these tools, she feels . . . nothing.

She is currently going through some very difficult financial problems, which are understandably causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

I assured her that it's very common for people to have trouble feeling abundant, especially when they are going through some scary financial problems.

Then I shared a technique that ALWAYS works for me, and she has already reported back that it's working for her too! :-)

What is this technique?

It's the very simple act of doing whatever you can to FEEL GOOD before you start trying to use other techniques to attract abundance.

It's kind of ironic because manifesting techniques like visualization, vision boards and affirmations usually work so well because they help you to feel better. That's the whole point. As you use them, your vibrational frequency rises so you come into alignment with abundance, love, well-being, or whatever you're trying to attract, so you can allow it into your life.

However, for some people it ends up working the opposite way. They feel so frustrated and angry and sad that it's not working, and they end up creating a ton of RESISTANCE that keeps them stuck.

If this is happening to you, it's important to spend time each day doing whatever you can to feel better. Which activities make you happiest?

Do you love taking leisurely walks?
Taking naps?
Watching romantic comedies?
Telling jokes?
Petting your cat or dog?
Having coffee with friends?
Taking bubble baths?
Singing along to your favorite music?

Whatever you love to do, whatever lifts your spirits the most, make time to do those things BEFORE you start trying to visualize abundance or anything else you're trying to attract.

When you begin using manifestation techniques while you are already in a great mood, the difference in how you feel is incredible! Not to mention, your results are far more impressive too.

Remember, if your manifestation techniques aren't making you feel abundant, try doing what you can to feel good BEFORE you attempt to use them. You'll feel the difference immediately.

Trouble Feeling Abundant


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