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How to Attract More Lack

You've probably read countless tips for attracting prosperity and abundance into your life, but it's also important to have a clear understanding of the thoughts and activities that create the condition of lack - so you can be sure to avoid them!

Below you'll find 5 common habits that create lack, along with effective solutions for turning them around:

1) There is never enough!

Do you frequently affirm the condition of "not enough" in your life? Do you feel like you never have "enough" money, time, resources, happiness - or anything else? This mind-set can be incredibly destructive because the more you invest your energy and belief into "not enough," the universe will simply send you more instances of not having enough!

To turn this around, you need to become fully invested in the belief that you ALWAYS have "more than enough" of whatever you need or want. Begin affirming this daily, over and over again as often as you remember to do so. Be sure to do it especially when you find yourself worrying or feeling like you don't have enough of something! The stronger you can make your belief that you "always have more than enough," the more quickly you'll begin to notice changes.

When I first started doing this, I didn't really believe it would work. My husband and I were working for set salaries, and we only had so much money coming in each month - which was usually substantially less than our monthly living expenses required! As a result I was constantly trying to juggle the bills and rob Peter to pay Paul! But within a very short time of adopting my new "more than enough" attitude, I started noticing that I'd have an extra $20 in the checking account after paying the bills. Then it became $50. Then more. Then my husband started getting surprise bonus checks at work, or I'd receive extra writing jobs that provided even more money. It was almost spooky the way circumstances just spontaneously shifted around to be sure we always had more than enough! And the phenomena continue to this day - as long as I keep believing that we always have more than enough, we do!

2) Create a rut of inertia.

Another major contributor of lack is inertia. Lack creates a pervasive sense of powerlessness, which can quickly turn into paralysis. You want to make positive changes but you don't know how, or you simply don't believe it would do any good - so you do nothing. Unfortunately, that only makes your condition of lack even worse. And it will continue to get worse the longer it goes on!

Turning this around is as simple as . . . TAKING ACTION! Action equals empowerment. The moment you take a step forward, you shatter the illusion of helplessness and paralysis!

What kind of action should you take? The most powerful actions will be those that can help attract abundance and prosperity into your life, such as asking for a promotion or pay raise at work, applying for a better job, or even taking on a part-time job temporarily. However, ANY action can be helpful really. Clean and organize your home and vehicle. Start a new fitness routine. The activities themselves aren't as important as the way they make you feel - which is more in control.

However, be sure to keep a positive expectation while taking these actions. If you keep thinking, "This is pointless, it's not going to work," the Law of Attraction will deliver exactly that outcome to you. Even if you don't believe your actions will be helpful, affirm they will anyway! You could even say something like this: "I'm choosing to believe that I can turn my situation around. I still feel nervous and unsure, but I am willing to give it my best effort and expect a beneficial outcome."

3) Reckless financial habits.

You may have heard that "acting as if" you have plenty of money is a good way to attract more of it - but that doesn't include spending beyond your means! When you spend money you don't have, you create an "energy deficit" that will only create more stress later. Also destructive is financial disorganization, excessive debt, and lack of a savings plan. All of these habits create one thing: CHAOS. Where chaos exists, peace and prosperity CANNOT exist.

One of the best ways to begin attracting greater prosperity into your life is to get your financial affairs into order. Balance your checkbook, cut unnecessary spending, cancel old subscriptions and memberships you're no longer using, figure out exactly how much debt you have and designate a set amount to begin paying it back each month, and start a firm savings plan - even if you can only afford to put away a few dollars a month.

This all probably sounds scary to you - but believe me, knowledge is power and preparation is peace of mind! You may think that "ignorance is bliss" in a situation like this, but not knowing where you stand keeps you feeling unbalanced and fearful. And those feelings will block prosperity from entering your life.

Once you get organized and have a plan in place (no matter how modest that plan may be), you automatically feel more in control of your life. You feel optimistic that things will get better in the future - and you open to the arrival of greater abundance and prosperity!

4) Stress, anxiety and worry.

It's hard not to feel stressed and worried about lack, but it's CRUCIAL to gain control of these feelings if you want to turn lack into prosperity. The more energy you devote to fearful thoughts, the more you're going to attract fearful situations.

The most effective way to deal with financial stress, anxiety and worry is to refuse to entertain it! That's easier said than done at times, but the more you do so, the stronger you're going to feel. You may find it helpful to create an empowering phrase that you can recite when worrisome thoughts pop up, like: "I know that greater prosperity is on the way to me now" or "I choose to believe that all is well in my world."

You'll have to be persistent in saying this phrase every time worrisome thoughts threaten to invade your focus, but eventually you should notice that the negative thoughts are coming less and less often. Not only will this habit make you feel better, your positive new attitude will be attracting greater prosperity into your life!

5) Limited vision.

Limiting beliefs always contribute to more lack. For example, if you're unemployed and you believe that you can't get a good job, you will create exactly that reality. If you have a job but can't see any possibilities for advancement or obtaining a better job, you will block other opportunities from appearing.

It's important to understand that even if YOU can't see any possibilities, it doesn't mean that the universe can't find a way! The universe has UNLIMITED resources and can shift circumstances in truly miraculous ways! I've seen it happen with my own eyes, and so have plenty of other people.

Your job is to do what you can and then step out of the way and let the universe work on your behalf! If you've been applying for jobs and you're not getting calls for interviews, ask the universe for help. Get clear on exactly what you want, ask for it, and then expect great opportunities to arrive. If there are actions you can take, like furthering your education or exploring other career fields for example, definitely go ahead and take those actions. Otherwise, simply be willing to believe that the universe can find a way - even if no way seems to exist right now. The more you can expand your vision to believe in the limitless possibilities available to you, the more easily the universe will be able to deliver them.

When it comes right down to it, a lack focus is simply a habit. Just like changing any habit, patience and persistence will be required at the beginning! But the more you work on it, the more you'll notice momentum beginning to build and it will get easier and easier to keep going.


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