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How to Use Gratitude to Attract Money

One of my favorite manifesting techniques is fostering a strong sense of gratitude in my mind and heart. You may have heard of this technique but if you haven't used it yourself, or if you tried it but didn't get much benefit from it, today I'd like to share a few tips on doing that.

Before I get to the tips, let's explore exactly why gratitude is such a powerful manifesting tool.

You probably already know that in order to allow anything good into your life, you need to be on the same vibrational wavelength as the essence of that thing. So, if you want to attract money, or "goodness" in any form, you need to be in a mental and emotional state that is uplifted, happy, and open to receive.

When you focus on the feeling of gratitude, you send a strong signal of "abundance" to the universe, and the Law of Attraction immediately responds by sending you even MORE abundance. Another way of looking at it is, when you are in a positive emotional state, you stop BLOCKING the abundance that the universe has been sending your way the whole time!

This abundance can come in many different forms, including money, new jobs, sales for your business, unexpected bonuses, opportunities, and more.

Even better, the more you use this technique, the better it works because you'll keep feeling more and more grateful for the wonderful things coming your way, which attracts even more wonderful things, which makes you feel even more grateful, which attracts even MORE wonderful things . . . it just keeps going like that for as long as you stay in that grateful state of mind!

Here are two easy ways to use gratitude to attract money and other good stuff:

1) Feel Grateful for Money

Some of us have a love/hate/guilt relationship with money. We love money, we hate not having enough of it, but we feel guilty when we do receive more of it! Not surprisingly, these mixed feelings broadcast a mixed message to the universe: "I love money, no I hate money, I feel guilty for wanting more money, but please send me more money, no never mind, I don't deserve to have more money . . . "

If you want to attract more money, you've got to send a STRONG, CLEAR message of "YES, I LOVE MONEY AND I AM READY TO RECEIVE MORE OF IT!"

Start by choosing a somewhat modest sum of money that you would like to receive soon. Maybe $50 or $100 - or even slightly more if you need it for something specific. Avoid choosing TOO big a sum, simply because that could stir up a lot of resistance.

Write down your modest sum on a piece of paper or an index card. Put it somewhere you will see it frequently. Then spend several minutes a day focusing on that sum of money and feeling tremendously grateful for it, as if you had just received it.

I find it helpful to verbalize my feelings: "Thank you SO MUCH for this money, I really needed it and I KNEW I would be receiving it soon! Thank you so much, I am so grateful to have this money because it's going to allow me to ________" (state what you plan to do with it).

Do this at least a few times a day, and especially if you find yourself feeling anxious, frustrated or defeated by money problems. Really focus on FEELING deep feelings of gratitude as you focus on this sum of money. You have to shift yourself into the mental and emotional state of already HAVING the money, even though a part of you will be aware that you don't. Just ignore that part of your logical mind for the few minutes you do this exercise.

After you've spent a few minutes focusing on gratitude for the money, let it go. Focus on other things and don't worry about how or when the money will come. Just trust and KNOW that it will.

In my experience, this exercise usually works very quickly, as long as you're not holding the money back by obsessing negatively about money in some way.

2) Feel Grateful in General

How to Use Gratitude to Attract MoneyIf you find that the above exercise doesn't work for you; if you have a hard time feeling grateful and you can tell you are blocking the money (you can usually feel it when you're doing it; you feel frustrated and stuck!) then you'll be better off with this more general exercise.

Instead of focusing on a specific sum of money, focus on something that you already have that you are grateful for. It might be a special person in your life, a cherished pet, a special object, a past experience that really moved you, or anything else that makes it easy for you to feel grateful.

Write this item down on a sheet of paper or an index card, and focus on it for a few minutes. Think about how grateful you are to have it in your life. Think about the many positive qualities of this person/thing, and say over and over again, "Thank you for this blessing in my life. Thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful ______. I am so grateful to have this, I feel so blessed!"

You can either continue focusing on this one thing, or move on to focus on other things you are grateful for. Do this several times a day, and you'll definitely feel some good things happening!

You may be wondering, how does this second exercise help me attract money if I'm not even focused on money when I do it? Remember what I said a few minutes ago - when you are feeling the wonderful feelings of gratitude, you are OPEN to receive all good things, including money! Money is just a form of abundance, and you are aligned with the essence of abundance when you are feeling grateful.

Remember: Gratitude techniques work best when you use them frequently. The more you use them, the higher your frequency will rise, and the more abundance you will allow into your life!


I choose to feel grateful, and I allow more to be grateful FOR!


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