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How to Manifest with the Power of Desire

Have you given up on wanting great things? Maybe you've spent years deeply wishing you could have this or that object, or this or that experience - but after years of hoping, wishing and wanting you got sick of waiting and gave up? Have you convinced yourself that you'll never get what you want so you may as well not think about it anymore?

From a vibrational creation standpoint, that is the last thing you should do.

The feeling of desire is a POWERFUL way to bring better experiences into your life - but you have to use it the right way to get it to work.

Here's the WRONG way to go about it:

Many people want, and want, and want, and want - but never allow themselves to have. They wish and dream about better life experiences, more money, their ideal life partner, dream home, dream job and so on. But they don't believe they can have these things, so they end up feeling disappointed and frustrated about them.

That is a surefire way to block yourself from receiving them. In essence what you are doing is telling the universe, "I want these things, but I can't have them." The universe isn't going to argue with you about whether you can or can't have them - if you believe you can't, you can't!

Here's the BETTER (POWERFUL) way to go about it:

Allow your desires free reign! Spend time each day daydreaming and fantasizing about all of the great things you want to buy and do and experience. Play mental games with yourself by coming up with 100 things you would buy right now if you had the money for them. Or try to come up with 100 activities you would do if you had the money to pay for them.

Focus on the details of these experiences too - don't just say, "I would go on a cruise." Act as if you were really planning this cruise! Where would you be going? How many days and nights? What kind of cabin would you have? What kind of entertainment would they have on the ship? Who would you be going with? What kind of clothing would you buy to bring with you? How excited would you be about your departure date?

It's important to understand that exercises like these are so powerful because you are DRAWING ENERGY for the realization of these experiences. No, it probably won't manifest immediately as if by magic, but then again who says it can't? :-)

Don't worry about when and how it all manifests - your only goal should be to feel SO EXCITED about the possibilities. You should focus on enjoying every second of these fantasies because only by doing so will you attract the money, the means, the resources, the people and the opportunities that will make the experiences reality.

Flow Energy OUT, Resources Flow IN


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