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Prosperity in Your Mailbox!

A few years back, I came to the unsettling realization that I had developed a strong fear of my mailbox. During that time I was working through some intense financial problems, so I was constantly receiving "bad news" in the mail, like shut-off notices from utility companies, late payment notices on other bills, and even the occasional bounced-check notice because I couldn't seem to get my checkbook in order.

Even after I had managed to straighten out my financial situation and attract greater prosperity into my life, I noticed something interesting: I still cringed every time I went to check the mail! Even just walking past the mailbox could trigger a wave of anxiety and discomfort. It seemed I had created a monster through all of my negative fear-based energy in the previous years! Thankfully, I was well aware of the dangers of this type of lack focus, so I decided to turn it around and learn how to love my mailbox again.

I started by spending time visualizing my mailbox holding only good news each day. I'd imagine unexpected checks and free gifts arriving in the mail, and seeing myself get excited and joyful when I retrieved my mail each day.

In the real world, before I went to check the mail each day, I'd make sure to move myself into a state of excitement and happiness first! Rather than dreading what might be waiting for me, I decided to expect only abundance, prosperity and good things!

The result was incredible! Prosperity in all forms began flooding into my mailbox - and other areas of my life too. Unexpected checks, rebates, free gifts from companies I'd purchased from before, and even a refund for overpaying on my insurance policy flooded into my mailbox. Even stranger, I began receiving unexpected abundance in other areas too, like new clients contacting me out of the blue for writing jobs, my husband's monthly bonus check from his employer being double what it usually was, and so on. To say I was AWED is an understatement!

I had turned the tide of lack and attracted a heavy flood of prosperity and abundance in all forms!

Are you ready to create the same changes in your own life? Are you ready to heal your relationship with your mailbox once and for all?

Here's how to start:

1) As I mentioned above, be sure to begin visualizing your mailbox flooded with abundance and prosperity in all forms each day. Imagine yourself receiving unexpected checks in the mail, unexpected refunds, free gifts, and more. As you visualize these things, allow yourself to become very excited and happy! FEEL the feelings as if it were really happening right now.

2) At the same time, be sure to get yourself into a positive, happy state before you go to check the mail each day. NEVER retrieve your mail when you're feeling fatigued, frustrated, overwhelmed or lack-focused in any way! Instead, focus on feelings of abundance, prosperity and good fortune - and imagine that every piece of mail contains something that will trigger even more of these feelings.

3) Detach from negative emotions if you do happen to receive a "negative" piece of mail. If you receive a bill you don't have the money to pay yet, or a late notice, or anything else unsettling, stay calm about it and affirm that it will be taken care of. Affirm that you'll have the money to pay the bill, and all will be fine. It's important to do this because you don't want to invest ANY negative energy to the formation of more lack and struggle!

4) At the same time, you may want to focus on opening a few "gateways" through which prosperity and abundance can enter your life! As I described above, the universe can find plenty of ways to deliver prosperity and abundance into your life - even in completely unexpected ways. However, your results may be quicker if you take action. Try things like this: purchasing a lottery ticket, entering contests, applying for a better job, starting your own part-time business, and so on. Anything that can create a gateway for prosperity to enter.

5) Finally, remember that it may take a short time for the results to show up. With the Law of Attraction you're constantly receiving a flood of residual effects from your prior thoughts and emotions, so you may still receive some "bad news" in the mail until your new, positive focus takes over. However, I have had this process work very quickly too, so you never know! Just stay focused and confident that positive changes ARE on the way, even if it takes a few days.

It's truly amazing how effective this exercise can be! What you focus on expands, so focus ALL of your energy and attention on greater prosperity, abundance and good fortune - and that's exactly what you'll attract!


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