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Money Isn't Everything, But It Sure Does Help!

Have you heard the saying, "money isn't everything"? Usually people say this when they feel envious of someone else's good fortune.

It's true that money isn't everything; I think we'd all agree that there are far more important things in life that matter more than money. On the other hand, having a certain level of abundance certainly does make our lives easier.

We may not "need" money to be happy, but we can't live truly fulfilling, satisfying lives if we're constantly struggling to pay the bills, or worrying about where our next meal is going to come from.

When you say "money isn't everything," you communicate a strong message to the universe that money is unimportant to you and you don't want more of it. Even though deep down inside you may indeed wish you had more money, you aren't communicating that request effectively, so money stays away from you.

I allow more money to enrich my life.A simple way to change this is to say, "money isn't everything, but it sure is helpful and I welcome more of it to enrich my life".

Saying this frequently communicates a very different message to the universe.

Rather than scoffing at money, you are appreciating it in healthy ways, without placing undo importance upon it.

The result? Money is drawn to you! (** One of the great secrets of the universe is that whatever you praise and appreciate is drawn to you. :-)

When you see people who seem to have a lot of money, don't look at them with disdain; appreciate them for allowing such a level of prosperity to flow to them, and affirm that you can easily do the same thing.

Prosperity Affirmation:

I allow more money to enrich my life.


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