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Raising Your Money Set-Point

If you've ever tried to attract money with the Law of Attraction, you probably already know that you need to start changing your thoughts from negative to positive; you need to start re-writing old, limiting beliefs that keep you stuck; and you need to keep steadily boosting your frequency to come into alignment with abundance.

But you may not know that everyone has an energetic "set-point" on the subject of money (and every other subject), and your personal set-point probably needs to be raised if you want to allow more money into your life.

An energetic "set-point" is really a comfort zone. It's the amount of money you feel most comfortable earning and having. And you won't be able to shift instantly from having that amount of money to suddenly having HUGE amounts of money. The reason is not because of outer limitations, but INNER limitations.

The amount of money you are used to having, both your income and your savings represents an energetic “set point” at which you feel most comfortable. If you are used to earning $2,500 a month and having $3,000 in savings, you will find it very difficult to suddenly start earning $10,000 a month and having $50,000 in savings.

This is because you have beliefs that limit your ability to accept more money, even if you consciously wish you had more money. Subconsciously, you are just not comfortable receiving more than that, so your beliefs hold you back. What kind of beliefs? You may believe that you can’t earn more than you are currently earning at your job. You may believe that you can’t save more money because most of your income goes toward bills and other expenses. You may believe that you don't have the education to command a bigger income. All of these beliefs will prevent you from changing your current circumstances easily.

However, there IS a way to circumvent these limiting beliefs, and that is to practice “trying on” larger sums of money regularly.

For example, if you currently earn $2,500 a month, consider what it would feel like to earn $5,000 a month. Take a few moments to close your eyes and imagine how these two sums of money make you feel. $2,500, and $5,000 a month. They feel very different, don't they? (Obviously, if you already earn more than $5,000 a month, you'll need to adjust these examples to better suit your own current circumstances.)

Large sums of money flow easily to me...Now think about earning a much larger sum, like $25,000 a month. How does that feel?

Consciously, you may feel great thinking about earning a much bigger income, but you may also notice subtle feelings of discomfort and a few stray protests popping up in your mind, like, “I could never earn that much money! I don’t even need that much; I would be happy with just a little bit more. I wouldn’t want to handle a huge amount of money like that every month . . ."

These stray thoughts and feelings of discomfort are natural, because you are moving out of your financial comfort zone. But an interesting thing happens if you keep “trying on” these larger sums of money on a regular basis: you start feeling more and more comfortable with them.

They start to feel comforting and familiar, just like a favorite pair of jeans you’ve worn so much that they fit your body like a glove. And little by little, you start to shift your energetic set point around money to a higher, more abundant place.

Start a new practice each day of spending 5-10 minutes just imagining how it would feel to earn a bigger income and have a bigger savings account, and keep increasing the amounts every couple of weeks. Within a few weeks you should notice that you're feeling much more comfortable with the idea of larger sums of money - to the point where they even seem quite small!

And over time you should notice that your own income and/or savings starts increasing along with your money set-point. Again, it's a gradual process, so take your time and enjoy it rather than trying to hurry anything to happen.

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