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Telling a Fun Financial Story

One of my favorite techniques is to tell a fun financial story, regardless of what's really happening in my life at the time. Best of all, it's easy, quick, and it works wonders!

Here's how to do it.

Right now, you've got your real financial story. This is the story you'd tell if someone asked how things are for you financially. That story would probably be filled with complaints, disappointments, and anxiety. That story is obviously true because you're living it.

But you can just as easily start weaving a much more fanciful, FUN story that thrills and inspires you! No, it won't be real at first - but the more focus and energy you give it, the more realistic it's going to become.

Start by asking yourself, "what would I like to be true about my financial life?"

Make a list of the things that you would love to create.


- More income
- Easier income
- Fewer bills
- Debt paid off
- A new home
- A new car
- Your childrens' education paid off
- Plenty of free time
- A large savings account
- Lucrative investments

Now start writing a story that incorporates these key items, and write it as if it were absolutely TRUE!

Here's how it might look:

"I can't believe how things have turned around for me! I've got money flowing in so easily now. It just keeps pouring in, no matter what I do. I'm working only a few hours a week and taking plenty of time to enjoy my family, have lunch with friends, and travel. We finally paid off our mortgage and our last car payment, yay! It makes me feel so FREE and HAPPY to know we are debt-free! I've also been putting away a LOT of money into savings, and it gives me such a secure, peaceful feeling knowing that we can cover any emergencies that come up. And the investments we made recently are really starting to pay off! I think our retirement years are going to be amazing! I LOVE it when things work out for me like this! I LOVE having so much money! I LOVE knowing that we're going to be okay for a long time!"

That's just an example, but can you feel the positive emotion as you read it? It should uplift and inspire you and make you feel a sense of happiness on the subject of money. (Even if this general example doesn't do it for you, be sure YOUR fun financial story DOES. Keep tweaking it until you feel good when you read it.)

Doing this exercise every day is powerful! You'll be able to see and feel a difference immediately. Not only will you feel better about your own financial situation (even before anything changes), you'll start to see little changes happening. And those changes will get bigger the longer you work on this.

Another variation of this exercise is to keep it very general. This can be helpful when you've got a lot of financial pressure and you can't reach that good-feeling place easily.

Instead of making a list of details like you did above, simply start writing very GENERALLY about the things you'd like to experience.


"I love it when things flow easily for me. I love feeling confident and secure about money. I love knowing I can buy the things I need to buy, pay the things I need to pay, and still have money left over. When I think about being financially free, I feel so peaceful inside! I believe that things can change for me, even if I don't yet know how. I believe that just by doing this work right now, I am changing something in my vibration, and it's going to call good things to me. I do believe that, and I trust that there are many opportunities I will have access to soon."

Keep going, writing about things you love, how they make you feel, how you want to feel, what you are willing to believe can happen for you, etc. Within a few minutes you'll feel uplifted.

Write Your New Financial Story


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