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The Prosperity Seed Game!

When it comes to attracting prosperity and abundance into your life, your mind-set and attitude have a LOT to do with your success - or lack of. The bigger the changes you make in your own state of mind, the more powerful your results will be. However, even a tiny shift in perspective is usually enough to get some positive energy flowing in the right direction.

One great way to get started thinking more abundant thoughts is with a little game called "The Prosperity Seed Game!"

This game works so well because it repeatedly puts you into a state of excitement and happiness regarding money - and I'm sure you know how powerful that can be when it comes to the Law of Attraction!

Take a moment right now and consider how you felt the last time you found some money unexpectedly. Perhaps you were walking through a parking lot and found a dollar bill on the ground, or you were digging in your purse for lipstick and found a ten-dollar bill that you didn't know you had. How do experiences like that make you feel? Fantastic probably, as well as very lucky and prosperous!
The Prosperity Seed Game will help you to feel that way more often.

Here's how it works:

First, you'll need some money to get started. Choose the highest denomination of bills you can, whether it's $1, $5, $10, $20 or even more.

Think of these bills as "seeds" that will help attract greater prosperity into your life, and begin "planting" them in specific places so you'll stumble across them accidentally at a later time.

For example, you might tuck a bill into your car's glovebox or console. Or in the pocket of your winter coat, spring jacket, the suit or dress you wear for special occasions, extra wallets and purses, and so on. Choose locations where you won't come across the money right away, but rather give yourself time to forget you put it there.

Once you've gotten all your prosperity seeds planted, put them out of your mind completely! (If you're anything like me and have a hard time remembering what you ate for dinner last night, forgetting about these bills won't be that challenging. :-))

Next, you need to write a prosperity affirmation that makes you feel very blessed, abundant and happy, and begin reciting it as often as you can each day. Here's an example: "I am so grateful for the many ways money flows into my life, effortlessly and frequently!" As you recite your affirmation, be sure you're actually FEELING the feelings that go along with what you're saying.

As time goes on, you'll start to rediscover these little "prosperity gifts." When you do, be sure to get yourself into a state of excitement and gratitude, like you've just been given a great gift. Yell out, "Wow! See, money really DOES flow into my life easily, this is awesome, thank you!!!" The more positive emotion you can generate while you do this, the better it will work!

As you keep finding more and more of these gifts, be sure to keep re-planting them in different locations. Have fun and make a game out of it. Tuck one in the box of tea in your cupboard, in your tissue box, or anywhere else you feel would create a pleasant surprise when you discover it again.

Are you starting to realize the power of this game? When you keep receiving money and abundance unexpectedly, you come to expect it even more (rather than expecting lack and struggle like so many of us do!). Even more importantly, by consistently putting yourself into a state of strong positive emotion regarding money and abundance, you are consistently altering the "signal" you emit to the universe and attracting even more prosperity to yourself through the Law of Attraction!

Before you know it, you're not only re-discovering your own "prosperity seeds" but also receiving money and other forms of abundance in completely unexpected and exciting ways! That's what happens to me and others I've told about this game anyway. Try it yourself and see if it also works for you. :-)


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