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The Unlimited Nature of Abundance

Recently I had a shocking conversation with a good friend.  We were talking about whether it is possible to use manifestation techniques to win the lottery, sweepstakes, and contests.  I insisted that it was possible.  My friend, Jim, while grudgingly admitting it could be done, also said disdainfully, "I guess if you want to get rich by denying others the same right, winning the lottery is ok."

My mouth fell open when he said that, because such a comment is so far removed from the type of thing I expected him to say.  Jim is extremely knowledgable about spiritual matters, has studied extensively on quantum physics, the laws of attraction and different manifestation techniques.  Why then, would he hold such a limited perception about abundance?

I almost scolded him and reminded him how the universe really works, but instead I chose a softer approach. 

I asked, "Jim, what kind of car do you drive?" 

Knowing I already knew what kind of car he drives, he replied carefully, "A Lexus."

I continued, "And when you bought that Lexus, did you deny other people the right to have one also?"

Frustrated, he said, "No, because there are plenty of other Lexus's out there, and besides, not everyone wants a Lexus!"

I smiled, knowing he was getting my point loud and clear. 

As Jim well knows, receiving abundance in any form, from any source does NOT deprive anyone of receiving abundance themselves! 

Even if we were to view lotteries and sweepstakes from a purely physical, logical standpoint, there are usually varying levels of prizes.  If one person were to win the biggest jackpot, others could still win smaller jackpots.  There are dozens of different games to play, some of them occurring daily, some weekly, some bi-weekly.  There are no shortage of lottery games to play and win - and everyone has the right to win multiple times even!

And of course, there are literally millions of other ways abundance can come into a person's life besides lotteries and sweeptstakes. 

My main point to Jim (and to you) is that the true nature of abundance is UNLIMITED.  We are the ones who keep putting limits on it.

"I can only receive money through my job."

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

"I don't know how I can get more money."

"There is only so much to go around."

"That guy is greedy; he has a ton of money and I have little."

My friend Jim was only displaying the limited thinking that so many of us were taught during our lifetime.  I don't hold that against him - I've done the same thing myself too many times to count.

We talked it out and he realized that perhaps some old programming may have popped up in his psyche and needed to be cleared so he can move on to his next phase of growth.

What about you?  Are you putting limits on your own abundance potential?  Are you closing off the many ways abundance can come to you?  Are you afraid that by receiving abundance yourself you are depriving others of the same right?

There is *always* more than enough to go around, for everyone.  Always.  Be open to all forms of abundance and all avenues of prosperity - and you're much more likely to be showered with every good thing you want!

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