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Turn Lack Beliefs into Prosperity Beliefs!

Do you struggle with beliefs that perpetuate chronic lack in your life? These beliefs are most often subconscious, but they have the power to keep the cycle of lack going strong in your life – no matter how hard you try to turn it around!

Does your financial situation resemble these?

  • You constantly have a shortage of money. 
  • You work harder to get ahead – but never get there. 
  • You feel stuck by constant financial obstacles. 
  • You deal with unexpected "money drains" like repairs, etc. 
  • You feel panicky and stressed about your financial future. 

ALL of these situations are created by a strong presence of lack-focused beliefs, and they will continue to cause problems in your life until you decide to turn those lack beliefs into prosperity beliefs!

Here are three simple ways to do that:

1) First and foremost, turn your attention away from all expressions of lack.

Don’t obsess about whether you’ll have enough money, and don’t worry about unexpected expenses that may come up. The less emotional energy you contribute to the presence of lack, the better! Simply turn away and focus on something else.

2) Focus on gratitude.

Starting immediately, begin focusing repeatedly on how grateful you are for the blessings in your life. They don’t have to be big blessings; even the little stuff is fine.

As you focus on these things, allow your heart to overflow with immense gratitude and joy! As you do this, you are emitting powerful positive energy to the universe.


3) Romance prosperity.

You may not even realize how much energy and focus you’ve devoted to lack by constantly focusing on it, but you can turn it around by consciously “wooing” prosperity to enter your life. Begin immediately imagining lots of money flowing effortlessly into your life. See it overflowing from your mailbox, seeping in the windows and doors, and entering your life from every possible direction. As you focus on these mental images, allow your heart to fill with joy and excitement as if you were really receiving the money right now.

It may take a few days or possibly weeks before you start to notice a difference, but the stronger positive emotions you can generate while you do these things, the more quickly you should see results.

However, true lack beliefs will take time to transform - especially if you’ve held those beliefs for a long time. Simply be patient and stick with it, knowing that day by day you are eradicating those old limiting beliefs and replacing them with the beliefs that can attract everything you desire.


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